Your Granddad died so you could buy our rosemary foccacia you ungrateful fucks, so get out there and starting shopping.

A beautiful and heart warming piece about advertising at xmas by Jamienory…(is not what you should expect to read. But there are a lot of truthfacts and swearing.)


Around this time last year I wrote a piece about adverts and specifically the John Lewis ad “The Bear and the Hare”. Here it is if you fancy a quick shufty-

This year though things have stepped up, like they’re a part of some shitty dance based film franchise. I just had to google the “step up” movies to make sure I got that right, so you better have appreciated that reference based joke. If not, we could be in for a badass dance off to settle matters.
I do not know if they actually do that in the films.

Not only do we have various newspapers, a host of TV shows and an endless stream of websites harping on about how we must watch the new John Lewis advert because it will allow us to experience emotions. There is now competition for the role of “feels generator”. Sainsburys…

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