More about writing…

Lots of writing and editing and some more writing this week. Script editing for The Skeleton Project is going well. We did a scratch version of the first section at West Yorkshire Playhouse on Saturday. It was received very well and we got lots of good feedback about it. Now we just need to carry on with the rest of the piece. But since we have adjusted the whole first section of it so much, the rest of the piece feels quite loose and wobbly. But that’s what editing is for.

I have also been trying to make sure that I write something every day. Sometimes it’s poetry, sometimes it’s part of a story idea, more often than not it’s just a collection of rambling thoughts that I will condense down into something more interesting at some point in the future. But I am very definitely writing more than I have done in a long time. I also got started on a site called HitRECord (the mid-word capitalisation annoys me, but it’s the name of the thing so I suppose it’s fine.) There’s a fairly impressive writing community on there which is good. Also they do writing challenges and things like that. If you are interested this is where it lives. It is all explained on there, rather than me going into it here for people who aren’t interested. Although i’m not sure why you are here if you’re not interested in reading about writing.

So yes. Lots of writing. Lots of good times with good peoples. Lots of new peoples.

The more I write, the more fun it is to actually start pulling what I have written to pieces and find ways to make it better. I’m starting to find that is a more enjoyable part of the work sometimes. The initial idea is great, but hacking at it and shaping it into something better is quite exciting.

ALSO. I have been learning about all the different kinds of poetic metres. I can’t remember the names of any of them at the moment, but I am starting to think more about the technical side of that sort of writing. I am finding it quite fascinating. I am sure that it is probably not anywhere near as exciting to anyone else.


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